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Short Remix


Short Remix

Remix’s in media


Abstract: The assignment was to research the ways that remix could be applied in different forms of media. I chose the YouTube famous artist Pogo and explained how he uses remix in all of his work.

Essay: Short Paper on the Concept of Remix

Everyone enjoys a good remix now and again but, there are few artists out there that can pull them off successfully. One of those artists is the YouTube sensation Pogo. He is one of the better known remix artists famous for remixing Disney movies. The song, “Bloom” is a remix which takes clips from a certain few Disney movies and creates a beautiful sound. The lyrics in Pogo’s songs make sense if one listens closely and focus on a certain theme. In addition, “Bloom” is known as a reflexive mash up. Pogo is a great remix DJ and, “Bloom”, is his most popular upload as well as one of his best creations.

The song, “Bloom” consists of clips and sound bits from Disney movies. Dodging lawsuits like a mastermind, Pogo has only taken a few seconds from each movie and repeated the phrases. By taking less than a fragment of a sentence he only really uses one word from the Disney character singing. In addition, “Bloom” consists of sounds and clips from: “Peter Pan”, “Aladdin”, “Mary Poppins”, “Sleeping Beauty”, “Cinderella”, “The Little Mermaid”, “Alice and Wonderland” and “Snow White”. By doing this, Pogo has created a new song out of eight movies. Through remix, “Bloom” has given these old movies a fresh new form, they have transcended their originals.

Also, the lyrics of “Bloom” make sense because they are full sentences. The characters words may only be fragments, but combined are full understandable sentences. The meaning of “Bloom” is to talk about falling in love. What it feels like and how foolish people can be when

first experiencing it. Love is a theme that Disney movies portray almost every time they are produced, especially the animated ones. The song is four minutes long and Pogo made it all about love and being happy while in love. He argues this theme perfectly by using eight different movies who all focus on forms and themes of love. Also, the lyrics of “Bloom” make it a love song, about and for love.

In addition, “Bloom” is known as a reflexive mash up. It is known as a reflexive mash up because of the fact that it is honoring its original content. Even though, “Bloom” has transcended its original eight forms it still pays tribute to them. It does this by focusing around the theme of being foolishly in love, which these eight Disney movies are all about. “Bloom” is a new song many can argue, yet it still remains a remix because it has been taken from so many different movies. From the old, Pogo has created the new and it’s great. The music video for “Bloom” is solid evidence of that. The music video on YouTube for “Bloom” features all the bits and clips of the movies.

As if to show that the characters are all singing along to Pogo’s remix. However, he does this for all his remix music videos, which help the listeners help see his vision for the new song. This reason is why it falls into the category of a regressive mash up. The characters portray the theme of love and at the same time convey Pogo’s own message. By creating these lyrics and this remix of “Bloom” he has created something new yet, the new content does not forget its roots.

In conclusion, the song “Bloom” by Pogo is a regressive remix. It honors and transcends its original content. Also, its lyrics pay tribute to the theme of love and its original roots tie into that. That is the reason why this remix is Pogo’s most popular upload on YouTube for it is enjoyable to listen to with a hint of nostalgia. With, “Bloom” Pogo has truly created a beautiful remixed song.